Portrait Series 2

There is a saying that Impossible says I’m possible. But sometimes …. Enter Ramesh. He is the guy to look up to when your every resource fails. A simple man who speaks from his heart and doesn’t hold anything back. He always tells his two kids to dream.

Portrait Series 1


My friend Abhinav came for a family photo session few days back. Simple background helps a lot to bring out the character in a Portrait. She was a little shy during the shoot. This shot, i think, says something about her.



Avinash is a Short Put athlete. I took this shot in white seamless background in my makeshift home studio. The open airy feel complements his persona.



Return to innocence 🙂 With my niece and nephew we embarked on a journey to Lavasa. A picturesque city in the lap of the Western Ghats mountain range near Pune. When we reached there, gates were closed! Landslide, said the authorities! We are not convinced. Anyway, we took a narrow hilly path just to get some view of the city. Children, they can find joy in anything…