My friend Rahul

Rahul my friend

Our friendship started early when he moved to our School in the small town of Baruipur. Studies were not in our agenda. Girls? Of course yes! But alas! Our’s was all boys’ school. Girls used to ignore me, as if, I have never existed. But, he found love in the commonest of uncommon place. And, I was the proud minister in the council of advice giving golden counsel to this lovebirds. Of course, that’s what you do when you’ve got no job or nothing to do with your own life and it used to feel good then. In between 8 years have gone by, we managed ourselves through graduation and somehow landed into jobs. I have to move to a different city 2000 km away.  He has some bigger problems to deal with, which is, getting married with the love of his life that too with the approval of both families. Well, getting approval of a bank loan for a fake project, is a million times easier. They say that underdog with good intention always win. Yes, with two years of continuous persuasion. I missed the marriage ceremony. I still regret it. The shot was taken last year when I came home using window light. He is a proud father now. I am so happy for him.