How not to photograph a lighthouse

Life’s quest does not start or end with finding a lighthouse. On the contrary, it start with holding hand. Mother’s hand. The touch that feels safe and reassuring that I am there to hold you if you fall.

With that trust, you took your first step. The water is not scary anymore. That instilled a confidence, you carried on. You dared obstacles, danced before it, challenged it and jumped over it. All of it have started with that first step, tightly holding your mother’s hand you took a leap of faith. We always had a lighthouse from the very beginning. Tallest in the crowd, always beaming, always cheering, saying “come… come… this way..” and you would find your path.

After a while, you realize that years have passed by. All those in your life were a distant dream. A mid-life crisis is staring at you. That Lighthouse in the horizon seems far-distant. You probably don’t even notice or give attention. You desperately seek one but you let your ego satiate. ADHD kicks in. Why should the kids have all the fun! So, restless and panicky, you get an anxiety attach. Then attacks become familiar. You stop worrying about it. Instead you worry about things that have no significance on your life, like other people’s opinion of you. Are we the collective manifestation of other people’s opinion? If we remove those people, then what is left of us? Is it the fear of loosing our perception, keeps us attached when we should be better off in letting go? Suddenly, JeanPaul Sartre whispers in your ear “Hell is other people“. You smile realizing that you have become a prisoner of your accomplishment.

The beacon of light you seek cannot be found in any one since it is constantly moving from one to another.

Only to find you ever renew
I keep losing you time and again
                        ~Rabindranath Tagore
(Alleppey Lighthouse)