To all the women…

For all the struggle against prejudices and judgments/

for all the sweat, blood and pain/

for all the resilience, love and compassion/ 

for determination, courage and strength/ 

You made a life of your own/

caring less of whims and fancies/

They try to put a label on you/ 

you brush it off as dust/

on your jeans that laughs/ 

at those/

who wronged you/ 

for choices

that’s only your own/

You rise beyond purity and shame/

you fall in love to get hurt/

and rise to fall in love again/

You swallow some pain/

some you display/

courage is not enough a word here/

you push it through as you have been doing since ages/

You are not a mother, a sister, a wife or a lover/

You are who you are/

and you’ve made it, this far

for a life still to come again!

Happy Women’s Day!